Difference a Boat and a Yacht?

Ok, so you’ve seen the ads online or possibly on Groupon for Yachts from very low price. You go to see it and it’s a fishing boat (lol)! Welcome to Dubai! I see companies promoting their Yachts (read fishing boats) online all the time.

The last thing I would want from our customers and friends, is to book a product and it’s not exactly what they expected or wanted (although sometimes I give them a free upgrade to a bigger yacht :)). So I’ve divided our boats into 2 categories, BOATS and YACHTS.


small boat


There’s nothing wrong with a good boat, whether it’s a fishing boat, cruiser, jet boat etc… we just want our guests to know what they’re getting. Ok, so for a boat to be listed as a Yacht from us, it MUST have a flybridge (top deck). It’s that simple. Flybridge – Yacht / No Flybridge – Boat.


dubai boat yacht for rent


Now is this the only difference? Of course not! This is just a way of simplifying things and making sure we’re all on the same page. All of our Yachts have of course the flybridge, salon (living room), bedroom, shower, kitchen, TV and stereo throughout the vessel. So when you see a product on our page with a flybridge, you know it’ll have all of these features. See, simple…

Keep in mind, this is in no way an official version of what constitutes a yacht or any other vessel, but with all of the misleading adverts in the area, we needed a way to make sure our guests got the products they wanted.

If you have any questions about Dubai boating, feel free to drop the question below 🙂

Stay tuned for more,

Your friendly boat and yacht guide…

P.S. I need to come up with a better name!

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