What We Do

Whether you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Dubai, have a calm, peaceful fishing session with your family and friends or want to throw an ultra-glamorous birthday bash in the middle of the sea complete with a groovy DJ and waiters serving chilled beverages alongside shrimp cocktail. BoatCharter.ae is the choice for you.

Offering a complete range of

Party Boats
Luxury Yachts
Fishing Boats
Jet Boats
Huge Capacity Boats
Kite Fishing
Para Sailing
Wake Boarding
Jet Boarding
Jet Skis

All the boats and services are accompanied by staff that are nothing less than sea veterans ensuring the safety and experience of every BoatCharter.ae customer.


Worth Every Penny!

Besides having an array of world class, fully maintained boats and yachts, BoatCharter.ae offers comprehensive value added services and can even handle custom requests of the client depending on the occasion and the need. From providing additional staff in the form of hostesses, servers, party starters, etc. BoatCharter.ae delivers a literally unforgettable experience to its customers in the form of:

Photo and video montage of the trip – including aerial footage
Party games and party leaders to help keep the party
Tubing and jet skiing while anchored at sea
Late guest delivery service (via tender)


Connecting The Dots

BoatCharter.ae also connects the dots and brings niche activities together from all over the UAE. Unique activities can benefit from our polished programs and extensive marketing so they can focus on what they do best. We also partner with some of the top charter companies in the UAE to ensure redundancy and fill gaps in the market. If you know of a top charter company that can benefit from our streamlined process and our aggressive and well funded marketing strategy, let us know!

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