Difference a Boat and a Yacht?

Ok, so you’ve seen the ads online or possibly on Groupon for Yachts from very low price. You go to see it and it’s a fishing boat (lol)! Welcome to Dubai! I see companies promoting their Yachts (read fishing boats) online all the time. The last thing I would want …

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52ft Luxury Yacht

Build and engined with sophistication and luxuriousness, this yacht has 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms. It has a fly-bridge where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the ocean, a fully equipped kitchen to serve your appetite, and complimentary fishing equipment to catch fish and enjoy cooking it on our …

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34ft Boat

This 34ft speed boat can accommodate up to 10 persons. Has 1 bedroom and a toilet/shower. You can enjoy watching the scenery and catching your breath a fresh air with our 34ft boat. I deal for a small crowd. Capacity: 10pax Make A Reservation  

75ft Yacht with 35 Guest Capacity

Hop aboard this 75ft Yacht and all 35 of you will have an awesome time! Use our contact form below or … Call, WhatsApp or email us to find out more information and make a reservation. 85